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Buying a vehicle from Royal Auction Group? READ THIS FIRST! DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING They State because they will NOT stand behind it!

Our first experience will be our last experience bidding on a truck at this Fort Myers auction. We will continue to buy our vehicles from Ritchie Bros and JJ Kane. When Ritchie Bros and JJ Kane sell a truck with a truck-mounted attenuator as “Runs & Drives” it Runs & Drives. We have bought 100’s if not 1000’s of bucket trucks, crane trucks, dump trucks, rollback trucks, mechanic trucks, box trucks, service utility trucks, & refer trucks (just to name a few) without an issue in the past.

On June 6th of 2020, we purchased a 2012 Ford F650 Attenuator Truck with 44k miles for $44,840.00 from Royal Auctions.

Upon the arrival of our driver in Fort Myers, FL at Royal Auction, the Ford F650 we bought in fact did not “Run & Drive” as stated. The diesel motor in our new truck had severe issues, as we were about to find out. After flying our driver home, we sent down an auto transporter from Pennsylvania. No one at Royal Auction Group could get the truck that “RUNS & DRIVES” to actually run and drive onto our transporters trailer. Royal Auction Group decided that loading our 2012 Ford F650 with a forklift was the next best option.

After taking delivery of this south Florida truck, it went straight into our service department. Cody McCloggage, the Auction Manager was very helpful in attempting to diagnose this problem. Cody Assured us that the truck ran. After numerous diagnostic procedures, our technicians found about 4 gallons of diesel fuel inside of the motor, which caused the motor to hydrolock. After the conclusion that the motor in the 2012 f650 we bought from Royal Auction Group was indeed seized, Royal Auction Group went silent & stopped returning our calls and emails. Attached below are the notes and the procedures we went through to come to this conclusion.

Our Technicians work on commercial trucks every day and have never seen this much fuel inside of a motor before. Having this much fuel inside of the motor would mean this truck either did not run and drive to Royal Auction Group’s yard or the auction let it run while it was dumping fuel into the cylinders until it seized, long before we arrived. The point is the auction announced the truck “Ran and drove” and we spent $44,840 under that premise!

At first, their Auction Manager, Cody McCloggage, offered to help with this situation, that is until George Frazier got involved, their Vice President of Operations. He angrily stated: When you agree to terms that say “AS IS” with no guarantees or warranties expressed or implied for description, condition, or fitness of use, I am not quite sure what part of that statement is unclear. My response is your words mean nothing, so don’t state something if you are not going to stand behind what you say!!

This is the last email we received from them

I hope this information helps you with your decision when looking for an auto auction in Florida.

We stand by our truck sales, this truck will be receiving a new diesel engine with a warranty.