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Is a Switch-N-Go the Right Truck for Your Business?

If you landed on this page, it’s likely because you are wondering if you should buy a Switch-N-Go unit over a Hook Lift, a cable truck, or a roll-off container trailer. I’m here to help you weigh your options and show you the pros and cons of a Switch-N-Go hoist system. If you don’t feel like reading, check out our video with Rick McLaughlin operating this Switch-N-Go on one of our 2020 Isuzu NRR’s below. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to see the pros and cons!

Cost Efficiency?

These trucks are an awesome and cheaper alternative to a Hook Lift. Although you are cutting costs, about $20,000 that is, you are not losing much! Our Switch-N-Go systems are equipped with a 15k pound heavy-duty Warn winch, which has no problem picking up those containers or dumpsters with heavy loads! Another positive thing about this system is the diversity in the types of bodies you can put on them! One Switch-N-Go truck does it all. With versatility comes ease!

What types of bodies can you attach to a Switch-N-Go?

Do More With Less! The assortment of containers and bodies you can attach to this hoist system are really endless! Above are some of the containers that we sell here at TruckSmart. One day you could be removing junk and the next you could be delivering that backhoe to your job site. The standard length container you can fit on this truck is 9-14 feet long!

Is the Switch-N-Go Reliable?

Absolutely. The hoist system is extremely reliable. The reliability of this setup increases with the option to power the system without a PTO (power take-off). This detachable body system is rather simple, a dry weight of 1392 pounds of steel and hydraulics attached with a 15k pound winch. There is not much that can go wrong outside of user error. We very rarely see one of these systems in our shop.

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