Isuzu Circle of Excellence Smart Deals

Parts Specials

FleetValue Wipers

FleetValue Premium Wiper Blades are a step up from the average,

conventional blade and offer superior all-weather performance and extreme durability.

The memory curved beam provides uniform pressure when cleaning your truck’s windshield.

Finally, our easy connection coupler offers quick and easy wiper replacement.

Wiper blades are available in 19”, 20”, and 22”.

$15.49 +TAX

Offer expires 2/28/23


February Truck Body Specials


Switch N Go  LS -11   11’x96″ landscaper body w drop-down gate – front storage


Switch N Go  DB-AL-11  11’X96X18h aluminum mason dump * scratch and dent special


Duramag  TB09520hd  aluminum flatbed tow body w/tool boxes 5th wheel cover plate


Hackney Service body s008236 14′ plumber- hvac body



Parts Specials


135D’ Box accessories 35″ door



ACME Bumper ICC bumper with Hitch GM chassis




Liftgate Specials


Used liftgate -Waltco 2k




Rail gate 2200 lb STD travel 48×90 w Edge Guard aluminum platform gravity down